Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thoughts of a confused 19 year old

Monday 8 September 2008
Pune, Senapati Bapat Road


Tell me what should I do?
I’m deaf to din, blind to hue

Tell me where should I go?
The seeds of mystery I want to sow

Tell me how to get rid of this confusion?
Succumb to the crowd, faces and derision

Tell me if I should dare to dare?
Ordinariness and routine, a strong pair

Tell me when should I confront my fear?
I am a dreamer but they say we need a doer

Tell me how to suppress my passion?
Just be myself, overlook the fashion

Tell me where can I find solace?
I am slow, cannot match the pace

Tell me what to do when I’m alone?
I have nothing to do, my worth is unknown

Tell me when to reflect, to retrospect?
Days are limited, heaps to resurrect

Tell me how to know if words are truly meant?
Belief betrays me, leaving behind a dent

Tell me why this perplexity hounds me?
Questions surround me, like the branches of a tree

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