Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering Ishan

February 2009

It was a lazy afternoon and and we had nothing significant to do. My laptop was open. So I started typing questions and Ishan answered...

Why did u think I had an attitude problem?
I didn’t really think you had an attitude problem maybe I could’ve phrased it better. You just seemed like one of those girls who you know was a hip  kid but I trashed that notion soon because if you were that kinda girl we wouldn’t be friends.

When was the last time you masturbated?
Day before yesterday I think. Why?

Are u serious about quitting drinking?
Yes, but its gonna be hard. But since you seem to care about my parents more than I do I will try.

And Smoking?
I think I need to quit smoking. Seriously. I can’t continue to decorate the walls of my lung with black soot anymore. Tuberculosis frightens me. And also the wrath of interior decorators.

Who do you think has stolen my money?
I have my own ideas about that but at the end of the day you know its going to be one of the five suspects. So stop playing Scotland yard with your spare time. Unless you’re the mastermind who’s been pulling the wool over our eyes. Maybe the money wasn’t stolen. Maybe you still have it and just want our sympathy. Despicable.

Choose: Vodka, vomit or vodka vomit?
I’ve had all three in your house so I can’t make up my mind. Can’t I just have a diet coke instead?

Are you materialistic?
No not really. I used to be but not any more. Now I just hope to earn enough to get by. But if I ever get married and have a family then I suppose I’ll have to work hard enough to provide my family with whatever they want.

Did u actually like the moolamantra?
Yes very soothing.

If given the monkey’s paw what are the 3 wishes u would ask for?
 If you’re gonna ask beauty pageant questions you’ll get beauty pageant replies. I want world peace then. But I guess what I really want is to be able to write the great book that I know is in me, a pretty wife who can cook real nice, and peace of mind.

Will u miss us?
Yes immensely.

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