Tuesday, August 28, 2012



The desire was simply violent, almost gross
Alabama Song was taking over my senses
'Baba' was unsuspecting, in the middle of a snooze
I found the next Whisky Bar right under his nose

The lights were a major hindrance, Oh well!
I pawed my way in like a guilty cat
With a velvet index i switched off the brightness
The Lubb-Dubb stopped an instant, I went through hell

Swiftness was the key and  oh! how swift I was!
The glass was atlast safe in my well-prepared caring hands  
The sudden authoratative interruption shocked me
But i gathered all of my guts and did not pause

An excuse was mumbled, a juvenile crime was committed
A light breeze of achievement with a thunder of shame
Did not deter the new-found courage of intoxication
I was happily buzzing, but the creators were cheated

Departure's drawing closer, but still no explanation 
For the sinking levels, the loss of weight, the fraud
The guts, the desperation, the final success still amuse
Should I pretend or settle for a note of confession

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