Tuesday, August 28, 2012


2 March 2012


It’s happened before
But this time it feels way stronger
A way I’ve never felt before
But hasn’t it happened before?
And I wonder
Is this for real?

It’s a game I was never meant to play
Because I don’t know the rules
Because I lose control
Because I believe
Because it’s always real

Every nerve is bursting with the feeling
Every day is a new song
I can feel the eternity
And I want it to start now
You know it’s such a beautiful thought
I desperately want it to be real

You don’t have to feel this way
You might turn the other way
I shall be a little heartbroken, slow and sad
I’ll ponder over what could have been
But I’ll move on and you’ll be a friend
But I’ll know at that time it was for real

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